What exactly is a desk riser?

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Nowadays, with more and more people relying heavily on computers for their jobs, and spending much of their working days sat at a desk, people’s backs and postures are suffering for a whole variety of different reasons. With health and medical experts becoming increasingly concerned with the implications associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle due to sedentary jobs and pastimes, it’s no wonder why so much money has been spent looking for viable and safer alternatives to those associated with sitting at a standard office desk.

The good news is that experts may very well have found a solution, in the form of a desk riser. Though they have been around for a while, desk risers are just now establishing themselves as popular and viable candidates and solutions, in the fight against back problems and posture problems. Here’s a more detailed look at what is a desk riser.

What is a desk riser? 

Before we go any further, it’s important that we understand exactly what a desk riser is. If you’ve never heard of a desk riser before, you may have heard it being referred to as another name instead? Sometimes referred to as sit-stand workstation, desktop workstations, or desktop risers, at its core, each device is pretty much the same.

Desk risers are designed to provide users with comfortable and safer working alternatives to those associated with sitting at a desk for hours on end. Desk risers are specially designed office accessories which were created in order to provide a more comfortable height for the user to work at, allowing them to switch between standing and sitting.

These devices sit on the top of your desk, you place your computer monitor on there, along with your keyboard, mouse, and any other items you need by your side at your desk, and you then simply select the most comfortable height to work from. Most of these devices have clamps and special vices in place to lock everything down securely and keep everything stable.

These devices provide numerous ergonomic benefits, and are ideal for people prone to back and posture issues.

Different desk risers

Like most things in life, desk risers are not all created equally so there are different risers for the user to choose from. Some popular examples include:

Fixed height risers – These risers, as the name implies, are set at a fixed height which cannot be adjusted, so if you do choose one, make sure the height, once placed on your desk, is indeed the right height for you.

Adjustable risers – Adjustable desk risers are ideal for most people, because they allow the user to easily adjust the height, so they can alternate between periods of sitting at their computer, and periods of standing at their computer. Most standard adjustable risers do not come with arms for your monitor, so the monitor will have to rest on the surface of the riser. These are the most popular type of desk risers. 

Adjustable risers with arms – Adjustable risers with arms work in the same way as adjustable risers, except for the fact that they have arms for your monitor/monitors so you can lock your monitors securely in place, and can also adjust their height, as well as the height of the riser itself.

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