Health benefits of a standing desk

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With obesity levels higher than ever before, and the number of people with back and posture problems not far behind, one of the main reasons for these health issues is the fact that more and more of us are leading sedentary lives. 

The number of people working in offices behind computers is higher now than ever before, and it’s not a coincidence that so too are obesity levels and back-related problems. Those that sit for a long period of time are prone to all kinds of problems, many of which you may never have even considered before.

If you spend several days per week stuck sat behind a desk, your health could be at risk. To counteract the health risks however, you should seriously consider investing in a standing desk. A standing desk is a working desk space which allows the user the option of standing upright for a while, whilst they work.

Many of these standing desk devices are adjustable so the user can alternate between standing and sitting, which is so much better than sitting for a long amount of time. If you feel you may need a standing desk, here are some health benefits of a standing desk to consider.

Reduced back pain – If you suffer with back pain, and statistically, that is possible as around 1 in 4 adults suffers with regular bouts of lumbago (lower back pain), a standing desk is ideal because they have been proven to substantially reduce back pain and discomfort.

Office workers who spend a long time sitting behind a desk, are far more likely to experience back pain than individuals who work slightly more active jobs.

Studies however, have revealed that, when switching to a standing desk, 32% of all individuals dealing with back pain, reported very noticeable improvements. Back and neck pain levels can be reduced by as much as 54% by using a standing desk, so it is certainly well worth considering.

Better posture – People who spend a long time sitting in front of a desk are also far more likely to slouch and exhibit poor posture, which can put extra strain on the joints, and can make them appear shorter than they are. By having to stand upright when they work however, individuals are likely to benefit from much better posture, which means that they will experience less pain and discomfort, plus they will appear taller as well.

Better for your waistline – Another of the great health benefits of standing desk products, is the fact that they can assist with weight management.

Though you may think that there is virtually no difference between sitting in front of a desk, and standing in front of a desk, in reality, the differences are quite startling.

You see, studies have found that individuals who spend more time standing than sitting, are more likely to benefit from increased metabolic rates, meaning they burn more calories and have more energy as a result.

In actual fact, a person standing in front of a desk, as opposed to sitting, will burn an average of 170 calories more per day. Based on a 5 day working week, this is not far off 1000 calories, which will obviously be great for losing and maintaining weight.

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